The French Connection Wrington Twinning Association
BOULES / PETANQUE! Boules, or Petanque to give its official name, is a national sport of France but it has an international following with tournaments and leagues everywhere including this country. You may have seen it played in France or elsewhere and marvelled at how it is played by people of all ages and sex. Why is it so popular? Because it is sociable, easy to play and anyone can become reasonably proficient making it a fun but competitive pastime. Did you know that there is a league in Wrington? If not, you only have to go to The Plough Inn on a weekday evening during the late Spring and Summer and you will find people playing league Boules in the garden of The Plough . You will also find people playing at other times when the weather is (reasonably) clement and the one characteristic of all matches is the bonhomie which accompanies them! Then, whatever the result, you can all repair to the bar for the well-earned refreshments. If you are of a friendly competitive disposition why not join the league which consists of about 20 teams. Each team has up to 6 players. THE FRENCH CONNECTION currently has 1 team in the league and is named, strangely enough, The French Connection . If you are a Member of the organisation you may be interested in forming another affiliated team. If not the above, you may wish to join an existing team or you may wish to form an unaffiliated team or be a member of a new unaffiliated team. If you are interested in any of the foregoing please contact….. Richard Savory at