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ELECTION NEWS FROM VILLENEUVE 29 June 2020!!!! On 28 June 2020 the second round of the Municipal Elections took place in France and this included the Mayoral Election in VLB Please see the SPECIAL EDITION newsletter prepared by our industrious and imaginative editor ANTHONY HANCOCK I
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His companions on his trip to Wrington, J FABRE and C DUBOIS are now Fabrice’s numbers 2 & 3 in his Administration The link below is to a website where he posted very erudite letters to the VLB community - well worth a visit! www.villeneuvelesbeziers2020.fr *************************************************************************************************
ANNABEL SCOTT Sad news for the French Connection ! Annabel, who has been at the centre of the organisation from its creation and formed many personal friendships with VLB, has just moved with her family to Scotland. As a local teacher of French she formed alliances between the Wrington and VLB school and between Churchill Academy and the Serignan Lycee. Recently she has been the inspirational Chair of the FC until her move. She will be missed, not only by the FC , but also by the the local communities. We thank her sincerly for her UNIQUE contribution and we wish her and her family every happiness and success in their new home. ************************************************************************************************