The French Connection Wrington Twinning Association October 2021
Bonjour Wrington! Celebrating 10 Years Of Twinning Flying the Flag!……. On 10 Oct 2010 Echo Irving for Wrington Parish Council and J.P. Galonnier for Villeneuve-Lès-Béziers (VLB) signed the formal Charter of Twinning, which is on display in the Memorial Hall. So ten years later, on Saturday l0 Oct 2020 a group of Wringtonians and Villeneuvois joined on Zoom to raise a glass in celebration. The French drank mid- day champagne and a few of us raised an 11am glass of wine - no names mentioned! Jill Rawlings, the Chair of Wrington Parish Council said, “Congratulations for 10 years of successful twinning, and I toast everyone for the next ten years of entente cordiale – with a cup of tea!” Fabrice Solans , the new Mayor of VlB, together with Jérôme Fabre and Céline Dubois who are numbers two and three in the heirarchy , are strongly supportive of the twinning relationship. They recently won a hotly contested mayoral election in decisive fashion and as part of their election campaign came to visit Wrington! They are keen to deepen the relationship and broaden participation and involvement - and we agree. In-between sips of champagne they proposed cultural and sporting exchanges for children and seasonal work exchanges for young people. Coronavirus permitting we hope for some “adult” exchanges, perhaps involving food and wine, culminating in a group visit of Villeneuvois for the Wrington Fair in May 2022 They are also planning to hold a commemoration to upgrade the plaque honouring Lt Rodgers, a Royal Navy pilot who gave his life near VLB during WW11. Please contact John Urquhart for more details There was a tangible vibrancy and sense of fun from the new team in France and this bodes well for the future of our twinning. If you would like to know more about any of this please contact John Adams Shail Patel Chair, The French Connection, Wrington ***************************************************************************************
See Villeneuve! See Villeneuve!
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friends in Villeneuve took place on 20 SEPTEMBER. See the OCTOBER Newsletter for a report on that meeting. The next meeting will be taking place on 25 OCTOBER and the discussion subject will be WINE!! If you would like to take part please email jane@wringtontwinning.co.uk The 2 hosts will translate if required. Of course you may just attend as an observer! ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
FRENCH CONNECTION - Wrington Twinning Association AGM The 2021 Annual General Meeting is to take place on the evening of 17 November. It is planned as a ZOOM meeting. There has been a significant positive strengthening of the relationship between Wrington and Villeneuve over the last year and has created opportunities for our 2 communities. NOW is a great time to JOIN OUR ORGANISATION ! NB. MEMBERS - PLEASE NOTE THAT SUBS ARE NOW DUE!!!!! *****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
ZOOM MEETINGS WITH Villeneuve Our third ZOOM meeting with our