The French Connection Wrington Twinning Association
ZOOM! The FC has acqired a ZOOM Pro licence which is valid for 1 year. We have decided to do so to enable better communication within the FC and to facilitate communication with our friends in Villeneuve. At a local level it will be used initially for the French Conversation sessions and the Cine Club. The user name is most appropriately zoom@wringtontwinning.co.uk The password will be supplied when required. But why ZOOM Pro? For the following reasons: 1. No more 40-minute limit Zoom’s Basic license gives you unlimited time for one-on-one meetings, but group meetings are limited to 40 minutes. With a Zoom Pro license, you can host unlimited group meetings with up to 100 people and can collaborate as long as you need, without worrying about time limits or having to start another meeting. 2. Record to the cloud You can record meetings to your local device with a Basic license, but a Pro account also lets you record to the cloud, which vastly simplifies the sharing experience and frees up space on your device. Access these files in your Zoom portal and easily share a recorded training, all-hands meeting, or other events without first having to upload a large file to a content sharing platform. Each Pro license comes with 1 GB of cloud recording space at no additional cost. 3. Stream to social Did you know that you can live stream your Zoom Meetings to Facebook and YouTube? You just need a Pro license to enable streaming in your Zoom settings. You also have access to custom live streaming services to expand your audience reach.
The French Connection Wrington Twinning Association (WTA) July 2024