The French Connection Wrington Twinning Association
JOIN THE FRENCH CONNECTION Wrington Twinning Association Thank you for your interest. Please send us an EMAIL containing the following information. 1. Your name(s) with titles 2. Your address 3. Your email address if different from the sending one 4. Yor interests in France and / or reasons for joining Thank you and WELCOME!
CINECLUB The CineClub group usually meets by Zoom to discuss a French film (or film on a French theme) chosen in advance with a short introduction by a member of the group. We hope to resume face-to-face discussions later in the year and the occasional cinema outing. All discussions are in English and everybody is welcome. See example below. Further details from john@wringtontwinning.co.uk
The French Connection Wrington Twinning Association (WTA) March 2024