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CROQUET Have you ever played Croquet? Have you ever watched Croquet, for example at the Bishop’s Palace in Wells? Have you ever considered playing Croquet? Did you know it has been played for some years at the Wrington Recreation Ground by the Wrington Vale Croquet Club (WVCC)? Did you know the game originates from rural France where a primitive version was played many years ago? The modern game was devised in Ireland in the 1850s before being brought to this country. The WVCC is looking to expand its membership which costs £20 per annum. Contrary to a common belief that the game is very formal and played in whites the WVCC is very informal, with a non-existent dress code, and has the use of the Recreation Ground club house. The courts are laid out using cord to delineate the boundaries, which is customary when the playing areas are not permanently marked. The equipment is provided by the WVCC. Croquet is played internationally by people of all ages and, like boules, allows men and women to compete as equals.There are 2 forms of Croquet, Golf Croquet and Association Croquet. In Golf players take 1 stroke in turn go through the hoops and the winner is the player who goes through the most hoops first. In Association the complex rules of Croquet are applied and each game can take a significant amount of time but it is as fascinating as a game of chess. 2,3 or 4 people can play each of the games. The season is traditionally from Spring to late Autumn. The Recreation Ground is a beautiful location throughout this period. If you, or any of your family and friends, are interested in having a Taster session please contact
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