le Day 2022!         Thusday 14 July 16:00 in Sally & Shail's garden!
JOIN THE FRENCH CONNECTION - would you or anyone you know be interested in joining The French Connection and getting involved? We are always looking for fresh people and ideas. MEMBERSHIP IS FREE! If interested see the Join The FC button above. You may ask WHY JOIN when MEMBERSHIP IS FREE? It is because you are joining a Key Organisation with close links to a vibrant community in the largest wine producing region in France, adjacent to the beautiful Mediterranean beaches and has the tranquil and historical Canal du Midi running through its centre. You are also protected by our INSURANCE during our activities. Thank you! TEENAGE PENPALS - During a recent ZOOM meeting with our friends in Villeneuve several teenage students from the area appeared and spoke to us in English! They are all looking for Penpals / Contacts of a similar age to improve their English. Such an arrangement would help enormously to strengthen the bonds between Wrington and Villeneuve. See a message from Céline Dubois, Deputy Mayor, (translated into English!) ZOOM The last meeting with Villeneuve was on 3 April at 6 p.m. A great success with lots of new people in VLB wanting to be very closely involved!!!!! **************************************************************************** *
JANET WALTERS (on the left) in Villeneuve with (from right to left) Jérôme Fabre, depury mayor, Fabrice Solans, the Mayor of VLB, Céline Dubois, deputy mayor and Bernard (surname unknown). JANET visited in September 2022
OUR TREASURER’S Visit to Villeneuve in September
GRAND EVENT - A Tale Of Two Villages 30 March. This was a great success with almost 30 people turning up! Thanks to John Adams!
The French Connection Wrington Twinning Association (WTA) March 2024